Mar. 2nd, 2009

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Had a great time this weekend. I combined the ACPT with seeing my stepbrother's New York acting debut and having a chance to catch up with him and my stepsister and her boyfriend.

ACPT: Congratulations to Tyler! And congratulations and condolences to Trip and Francis for their amazingly parallel performances, with identical scores on all 7 regular puzzles and then identical, sigh, mistakes on the final.

Me? I had a mistake (the crossword equivalent of a typo) on puzzle 2, but I smoked the toughest puzzle, puzzle 5, and managed to cling to a spot in the top 10. And, more satisfying on a personal level, I actually beat Kray for the New England title. As far as I can recall, he's always edged me out for it when we've both been in the same region, but this year I got it.

Family: A's play was great. He had a small role (one of the watchmen) but he did some great physical comedy stuff with it. And he and M and J all seemed to get a kick out of the tournament finals. A completed the C final puzzle in under 15 minutes; maybe I should get him to participate next year... :) Plus, I found out from them on Sunday that A, after accompanying a friend to an audition for the Actor's Studio to do a scene with her for her audition, was basically chased down and asked to apply himself! So go A!

Friends: As always, it was wonderful to see you all. I talked and laughed and ate (too much!) good Brooklyn food. The biggest laughter came from a moment that it is hopeless to try to explain to anyone who wasn't there. But let's just say my ribcage hurt afterwards from laughing so hard.


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