Mar. 7th, 2009

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I haven't been posting about my running stuff much in the past few weeks because, well, frankly it hasn't been going very well. As was recommended to me, I started putting the treadmill at an incline -- and suddenly I couldn't go much more than a mile at a 5.0 mph pace. It was just killing me. And it was killing my confidence, too. If this was more like running outside, what was I ever going to do when I did run outside? I was doing 5K on the treadmill in 39 minutes or so, which isn't bad, but I was feeling depressed by how short the running periods were.

Well, I just did my first actual outdoor run. The weather and my own self-consciousness had conspired to keep me from doing it sooner, but I just did it. 5.3 km, counting warmup walking, in something under 45 minutes. (I didn't time it exactly, but I think it was around 42-43.) I only walked twice; once for a minute or two around halfway through, and once for a shorter bit after a bit of a hill. And people actually smiled at me, instead of making me feel fat and awkward and slow.

Now I begin to understand why people say outdoor running is so much better than treadmill running. I don't feel as beat up, and neither does my confidence. :) And the time went much faster than it does when I'm slogging away on the machine!

The Ras na hEirann is a week from tomorrow, and while I don't think I'll make it to running the whole way, I won't feel like such an idiot either.


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