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Just back from The Authority Games, a Prophecy one-off. It was a near-future game in a world where India and China nuked each other and everyone else is short on resources. The distribution of the world's resources is run by an outfit called the World Resources League, and decided by an annual reality-show-to-the-death. Of course, it turned out that the WRL was horribly evil and had been causing natural disasters and the nuclear war and hoarding resources and everything else, and we had to stop them. Which we did, in grand style, storming the broadcast studio to start our own feed and get the truth out to the people.

This does not begin to describe how much fun this event was, though. I really didn't know what to expect going in, but I had an utter blast. [ profile] dcltdw and I had decided to come in as a pair, and in a moment of deranged inspiration had decided to be a pro wrestling tag-team called the Portland Panic. I was "Diva Queen," he was "Maximum Overdrive." Yes, it was exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. :) We got matching t-shirts, I got a cheap tiara and a boffer scepter (courtesy of [ profile] warriorbard63), and we went in. We had so much fun posturing for the cameras and shilling for sponsors and generally being a couple of hams. (When Dave wasn't feeling sick, at least. :( )

The absolute highlight came Saturday evening, though, when our team's old nemesis, the Red Terror, showed up for a rematch as one of the games. [ profile] dcltdw and [ profile] warriorbard63 squared off first, in a brilliant, no-weapons actual fake wrestling match -- throwing each other around, faking headbutts and body slams, the whole nine yards. Meanwhile I was getting the crowd into it, which didn't take much doing -- the other PCs and a few NPCs who were there were fanTAStic. Then [ profile] ladyofmusic and I went at it with the boffers, making it as stylish as possible, while [ profile] dcltdw got the crowd going (and, with his special Inspiration skills, actually healing me in the process!). In an accident that we couldn't possibly have choreographed, I backhanded [ profile] warriorbard63 in the forehead with my weapon while he was sneaking up on me, and he played it beautifully, staggering and then falling over.

The whole thing was SO MUCH FUN. I've had a lot of wonderful moments LARPing -- intense ones, dramatic ones, saving-the-world ones. But for sheer fun and awesomeness, this ranks way up there. I was on an adrenaline crash for much of the rest of the evening, but it was so worth it.

And then we saved the world anyway. Not bad for one weekend. :)
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