Oct. 21st, 2007 11:52 pm
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That was my head exploding.
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Another day, another day at the office. But I have dinner with a friend I haven't seen in years to look forward to tonight, and then rehearsal.

Besides, any day that begins with hearing "The Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday" can't be all bad. :)
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I went to the Red Sox game tonight with my ex-roommate, who's probably also my best friend. The Sox lost, despite getting the bases loaded with nobody out in the eighth -- argh. Some nice defensive plays, though.

But the bigger excitement of the evening had nothing to do with the Sox. At the end of our row was seated a guy who turned out to be Ken Walter, a punter for the New England Patriots. I wouldn't have known that, but someone else near us mentioned it.

This would have been largely unremarkable for me personally, except for one thing: he was wearing his Super Bowl championship ring. Huge things, those, even on a football player's hand.

What's more, he turned out to be a really classy guy. He spent practically the whole game signing autographs for people who came by his seat, and posing for photos with kids (and some adults, too!).

What's more, he let people try on the ring and handle it. He even passed it down the row of seats! So I can now say I have honest to god held a Super Bowl championship ring. Which, even though I'm not all that much of a football fan, is still pretty damn cool.

It's nice when a pro sports player turns out to be a decent human being as well.


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