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My room is now the cleanest it's been in months. Yay.

Now I'm grimy and have a headful of dust, but my floor shines (and you can actually see it...) and there isn't junk all over everywhere.

Much as I hate cleaning, I do like the result. Now, the big challenge: can I maintain it in some semblance of order?


Apr. 3rd, 2002 12:49 am
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You know, a lot of dust accumulates under a bed in a few years. I finally got new slats for my bed today -- four nice, new maple 1x3s, instead of the mere two (one cracked!) slats and a jury-rigged plywood setup that there used to be. Now my head is full of dust, but I expect I will sleep more comfortably than I have in a long time. And no more squeaking noises that sound like the whole thing's about to fall apart.

So I've accomplished many of the things I set out to in my week. I got the desk, got stuff out of my closets and took it to the thrift shop, and fixed my bed. I still haven't cleaned my room, which is a disaster area, but I guess that's tomorrow's project now that I no longer have the rental car to tempt me to run off and do other things.

The "oh [bleep], I have no job" gut-wrench set in yesterday while I was doing laundry. I've been pretty blase about the whole thing, but suddenly it hit me that, oh yeah, I'm unemployed. Anxiety crept back in. I'm still calmer than I might be, but I think it has now sunk in that yes, the job is over and it's time to get my rear in gear and do something about it.

I notified nSight that I'm available again, and I actually got a call from them today -- for an upcoming job at the company I was just working for, and for which I left a resume before I left! That was amusing. But at least my resume is still turning up in their searches, which is a good thing.

Plus I have another puzzle proofing job coming in soon, and I still have to edit Dad's manuscript. But those are little projects; they won't pay the bills. I need to come up with some more sources of income, freelance or otherwise, and pretty soon. I hate job hunting.

Anyone out there have tips about getting enough freelance work to support oneself? I like the flexibility of the freelance lifestyle, but I worry about the financial side of it.

I know I'm good at what I do, but how do I get business doing it?

Ah well. At least Gondoliers is starting to come together. Everyone come see the show!


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