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Mrs. Avery is dead.

How can Mrs. Avery be dead? She's -- she was -- one of those people that you just somehow think will always be there.

Mrs. Avery (I could never call her Sally. She was nearly my maternal grandmother's age, and I met her when I was about 5, so she's always been Mrs. Avery) was some flavor of cousin to my grandmother, I forget exactly what. She and her husband John lived (and he still does) in Boulder, Colorado, long before my family moved there when I was 5. From the time we first arrived, they were part of our lives. Every Thanksgiving from then till I left for college, I spent at the Averys'. And Christmas Eve at their open house. And any number of other afternoons and evenings spent visiting their sheep and horses, or romping around their land, or sitting and listening to the stories. She was -- and I don't think I ever consciously thought of her this way, but as I sit here typing it seems right -- almost like another grandmother, or at least a great-aunt. She and Dr. Avery (her husband -- I have trouble thinking of them separately) lived closer than any of my real grandparents, and while they were never exactly my confidantes, I loved visiting them.

Thank goodness, all four of their children got there in time (one all the way from China) to say goodbye.

How can she be gone?


Dec. 1st, 2002 09:53 am
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Well, I survived Thanksgiving.

I think this ranks as my second-least-favorite Thanksgiving, after the one during which I was having something close to a nervous breakdown. The day itself was fine, but the stress of not talking about how my mother wasn't invited, and then trying not to talk about it to my mother the rest of the weekend and dealing with her hurt feelings over it... I'm glad that's over.

Mom and I did have fun with my aunt, and visiting my grandparents. So that was good. But all in all, I'm glad mom's off to the airport and on her way home.

Now I get to spend today as a "me day" -- I haven't decided what to do yet, but I'm going to have fun. It is my birthday, after all! (Of course, this is Massachusetts, so a lot of things aren't open or open late on Sunday...) I'll go shopping, maybe, or take a nice cozy nap in the afternoon, or read, or go to dinner (anyone want to come have a birthday dinner with me?). I should go take my car for a car wash, too, as it's pretty grimy after the weekend!
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Work: Currently back at Publicom (the place I was working on the North Carolina social studies project) for a week. Also have more math problems to write and probably soon a crossword book to do. (Memo to self: remember to bill them for the time & copying costs from getting copies of Boston Globe crosswords for them.)

Finances: Bleah.

Travel: Probably going to Colorado in a couple weeks... need to find out whether Mom is going to give me Little Red (her old car) or not before I make travel plans, since that will determine whether I fly back or drive back.

Theater: Next week is prod week for "Perfect Thing." I have to say, my part is hard on my self-esteem. :) I don't even have a name in the play (though I gave myself one) -- I'm just "Woman" -- and I'm the one of the three women in the show who is most blatantly rejected (and rejectable...) by the hero. Ah well, it's only three minutes. :)

Plus last weekend I participated in an informal reading of W.S. Gilbert's play "Engaged." Very very silly, and you can see germs of (and lines from!) many of the later operas.

Music: Good. Working on some new songs, including some Broadway stuff (a song called "I Want to Be Bad" from a 1920s musical called Good News, and also "The Wages of Sin" from Drood). Thinking about eventually having a recital with the theme of "Bad Girls." Anyone got ideas for good songs, especially classical ones, that could fit that?

State of mind: Enh. Not too bad, but (a) it's hot and humid, which makes me grumpy, and (b) I feel blah. Need a good creative project to shake me up. Improving the "finances" section above would help, too...

And that's the Kath Report. Aren't you thrilled?


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