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I had a really good time at Legends this weekend. I got to bring back my old character briefly (those of you who play and don't know what happened... find out in game. ;) ), and had some good plot with the new one. There were wrinkles, and things that didn't go as smoothly as they could, but overall it was a good time. And [ profile] chmrr and [ profile] ringrose did something I'm not sure has ever happened in my LARP career before: they brought me to actual tears. Guys, I know I told you so already, but that was an amazing encounter, and I'm immensely glad to have been there to witness it.

The weather was chilly but sunny, which is what October should be like as far as I'm concerned (though it did get colder than I'd prefer at night!). The stars were bright overhead at night, and the sunsets were gorgeous. Beautiful. It was one of those LARP weekends where I came back feeling like I'd been away a lot longer than a weekend; my mind was so far away from everyday junk.
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Just submitted the character history for my new Legends character. I think she'll be fun to play, though it will be hard not to slip into old habits. (I'm intentionally picking a quite different background and set of skills, to minimize that problem, but I'm sure I'll get confused a few times.)

Now, to costume her...
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If you don't LARP, the following may not make much sense, and may in fact sound silly.

What happened this weekend. )
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Conclusions from the weekend:

  • LARPing in a knee brace (or "robo-knee" as [ profile] torilgrey called it) is rough. I couldn't get involved in a lot of things because I couldn't get into combat, walk out in the woods on rough terrain much, and so on. I apologize to anyone I griped at about it, but it was frustrating (and occasionally painful if I stumbled, or when I'd been on my feet too long.) I had planned to give MJ a second try this coming weekend, but I just don't think it's a good idea. Going to ToV in a few weeks and being able to participate more fully is more important to me, and I need to give this thing time to heal. People were really nice about walking me places, finding me chairs, and so on, though.
  • Politics plot is okay in small doses.
  • I shouldn't stay up late on the Sunday nights after LARPing. Sleepy today.
  • Once in a while, Massachusetts gets Midwestern-style thunderstorms that come up out of nowhere, suddenly develop pouring rain and hail, and are replaced by bright sunshine within ten minutes. Cool, but weird.

Now, back to work. Much to do on a fairly tight deadline.

Wish list

Nov. 12th, 2002 04:54 pm
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My wish list for Legends stuff between now and next spring:

  • Dark-colored shirts whose sleeves are actually long enough.
  • Bracers.
  • Suede or fake suede bodice that can count as armor.
  • New skirts that don't snag on all the brambles.
  • Better footwear. Preferably spiffy-looking, but essentially comfortable and waterproof.
  • Better pouches.
  • Better way to carry sword.
  • Get in shape, dammit!

Just so you know. :)
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Last Legends event of the season was this past weekend, and good god but it kicked ass. Mine, more often than I'd like, but I still had enormous amounts of fun.

Dying twice was bad... you only get so many deaths before it's permanent. So I need to start being careful from here on in. But I have plot! Yay for plot! And I have a nifty item that I hope turns out to do something cool. And I have Things To Do. And I got three undead critters to run away from me. (I know, I know, this all makes no sense if you don't do these sorts of silly games. But trust me, it was very cool.)

Now I just have to get rid of this wretched cough. I'm staying home from the office today so I don't alarm everyone with my hacking.
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You know it's been a long LARP weekend when you get to the point where you can hardly move. My legs are incredibly stiff and tired.

More Legends babble later when I'm not exhausted. Now I must go fall over so I can get up and go to my job interview tomorrow! (Yes, I have a job interview tomorrow, didn't I mention?) )
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Sign that going to the gym is starting to pay off: the big nasty hill on the Legends site didn't seem so bad this time.

Sign that boffer practice is starting to pay off: in a big fight with a nasty critter, I hit it at least once and managed not to get hit myself. And I managed not to die.

Sign that I've been playing Legends for a little while: there was plot for me to get involved in. And people recognized me and talked to me.

Sign that there's a ways to go yet: very little to do on Saturday during the day. Then again, it seemed quiet for everyone.

Sign that Legends attracts good people: several of the members of the "Black Watch," a much-admired group, just graduated from high school. Where they were football stars, of all things. One of them was saying after the game ended, while we were doing cleanup, that it had been hard, hiding their gaming habits from their other friends. How refreshing to find young men who have such diverse interests and who are just plain nice. I may have to revise my default opinion of high school jocks now.

Sign that it was a good weekend: I'm tired, stiff, and bruised (from dropping to the ground after being hit, mostly), but happy anyway.
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Blink. Blink. Rub eyes. Blink.

Finished my freelance math problem writing project today. They want me to do more, yay. (Now I have much more sympathy for my mother, who used to make me and my brother write in journals and do a page of math problems every day in the summer. We hated doing them (though I'm sure they helped keep us sharp for the new school year), but I can appreciate much better now how much she must have hated writing them. Thanks, Mom.)

Then this evening I spent hours inputting edits to the Legends rulebook, which I volunteered to edit. I'm going crosseyed. (Memo to self: need better light for desk!) More affect/effect errors per capita... sheesh. Oh well, at least I have, I think, improved it; we'll see if the Legends folks agree. At least I should get some bonus points for my character this way, and spare other folks the cringes I got from reading it initially.

Oh, and Microsoft Publisher is even worse a memory hog than anything else Microsoft I use. Yeep.

I need a backrub... volunteers?
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Wow. I am so tired, and I have enough mosquito bites to have fed a battalion. But I had a great time, definitely better than the last time.

I'm going to go over the weekend at length, partially so any of you who might care can read it, but mostly so I get it down before I forget anything. That way I can use this entry later as a reference for writing my official post-game letter. I should warn you, it's pretty choppy writing. (Bad editor! No biscuit!)

Legends babble. )


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