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...but no actual content.

Arrr! )

And, via [ profile] kightp, the rules of LJ etiquette in the style of Jane Austen and that ilk. For one like me who collects Victorian etiquette books, most entertaining.
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So last night I started the "100 Things About Me" meme, got to #53, and then accidentally closed the window. Drat.

So instead, here's 2002: Year in Review. )

And, courtesy of [ profile] crossfire_: The Peanuts Tarot.
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Okay, I may be stuck at work again, for the umpteenth time, but at least I can look at this. Definitely from what my former roommate and I call the TMTOTH department (that's "Too Much Time On Their Hands"), but worth it...
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One of my best friends in the world works for the company described in this article. She says she is proud to have been part of it, but that it has been a long, emotionally difficult time, which does not surprise me at all.
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Take a phrase. Let babelfish translate it into French, then back to English, then to German, then back to English, then to Italian, back to English, into Portuguese, back to English, finally to Spanish and back to English.

What do you get? Well, can you identify this song lyric?
"still we give the form to the chain of the time."

Or this proverb?
"The bird receives the continuous screw soon."

Or this song lyric?
"Can the word of or considering it of the first light of the shovel, of which what many we it subsequent to hailed ferocious this in the lustrum of the penumbra?"

Or this kids' song?
"It knows the man the paper, man of the paper, man of the paper?"

Too much fun for people with too much time on their hands! (Like me, at the moment.)
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I should write a real entry soon -- I have things to write about -- but this is too funny to leave for later. Take a truly atrocious D&D module, add MST3K, and ...
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Thanks to [ profile] kshandra for alerting me to this... I have a yahoo id because I'm in a couple of groups there, and I certainly wasn't notified of this.

ATTENTION YAHOO USERS - Check Your Profile for Marketing Preferences!!! If You Have A Yahoo! Account, {Mail, Groups, Anything} Your Profile Has Recently Been Modified By Yahoo! To Allow Sale Of Your Personal Information - or anything else you may have entered....

Go to , log in, click on "Account Info" in the upper right corner. you will need to confirm log-in. Look at your profile: immediately under your e-mail addresses you will see "Edit My Marketing Preferences."

The defaults are "Yes" for every newsletter and to allow sale/trade of any address or phone information.


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