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I decluttered my cubicle this morning, so let's try decluttering my brain. Random stuff that's been rattling around in there, in no particular order or level of interest:

Very miscellaneous list. )
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  1. Why do I go and spend money on silly stuff while I have no job? (The silly stuff in this question being pvc pipe and foam for making a boffer sword and some fabric for making skirts.)
  2. Do I really like live roleplaying enough to invest in it the time, money, and energy that seems necessary to get anywhere with it? I went to Legends the other weekend, and had an ok time, but not a fabulous one; I spent a lot of time feeling useless and rather lost for much of anything to do.
  3. What the heck is the difference between PVC and CPVC?
  4. Why, when we explicitly told the cab company that we needed to be picked up at 5:00, did they not show up until 5:25, thus making us miss the commuter rail train we wanted?
  5. Why didn't I ever hear back about what sounded like the perfect-fit job for me? (telecommuting, editing a newsletter devoted to language and wordplay)
  6. Why did Houghton Mifflin suddenly decide to move their math department back from New Jersey?
  7. Will they hire me again?
  8. Why am I still missing one paycheck? Or did I mislay the stub?
  9. Why do I always start asking myself stress-inducing questions at night?
  10. What do I have in the house to eat? And why haven't I eaten since lunch?
  11. Should I get new glasses, or should I wait till I have income?
  12. Anyone need an editor? Fast, accurate, not too pricey.
  13. Why are so many of the songs in my collection of Spanish songs written in a women's voice, but written by men? They're fascinating. Oracion de las madres que tienen a sus hijos en brazos ("Prayer of the mothers who have their sons in their arms") is heartbreaking: "Sweet Jesus... I pray that this my son does not become a soldier."
  14. Where did my ability to concentrate on anything for any length of time go?
  15. How could I possibly have managed to forget that it's [ profile] davehogg's birthday? He's only one of my favorite people in the world. Happy birthday, Dave! *jumfem*
  16. How many people reading this will be totally baffled by the last word of that last question?
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I need an image for this site. I have some I could use, but no decent image editing software that lets me size something by pixels. Anyone have suggestions for an image I should use?

Now off to pick up the car I'm renting so I can schlep stuff around over the next couple days, and then go desk shopping.


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