Jan. 2nd, 2009

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I haven't been writing much of any substance in my LJ in recent times. I'm not altogether sure why that is, but it is. So it's taken me a little longer to get around to year-in-review and looking-ahead posts... but here they are.

2008 began spectacularly, with the trip to the Galapagos. I hope to do a lot more travel in my life, but it will be hard to top that one. I realized I never wrote a proper tale of the trip, and maybe that's something I should do now.

The rest of the year was ... kind of ordinary, I guess.

Work. )

Performing. )

Physical. )

LARP and other gaming. )

Puzzles. )

Family. )

Creative stuff. )

Social and emotional. )

So here are some goals for 2009.

1. Exercise regularly. If my knees allow, run a 5K. (I've started the "Couch-to-5K" training plan, aiming toward a 5K in Davis Square in March.)
2. Think about what I might want to do with the rest of my life, careerwise. Do I want to go to library school and be an archivist? Work in a museum? Go back to freelancing? Write?
3. Do hands-on creative things -- crafting, cooking, photography, and so on.
4. Find theater to do. Preferably musical.
5. Do some kind of volunteering. I need to do something for others.
6. Write. Plots for Legends and the tabletop group, for one thing. Gain confidence in my writing, to the extent that I actually do it instead of just thinking about it. Construct some puzzles.
7. Make the effort required to be social. Accept invitations. Offer invitations! Maintain my friendships better.
8. Put in a better showing at the ACPT. My stepsister is threatening to come watch the finals. I can't resolve to be in the finals, because there's a lot that goes into that that's out of my control, but I'd like to not make dumb mistakes this time!
9. Take better care of my appearance. Maybe wear makeup more often. Don't let my hair get shaggy and messy.


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