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If you're in Boston, don't go anywhere near the Hancock Tower till the weather changes. Wind tunnel + heavy rain = soaked me.

If it weren't so wretched out, I'd go do a photo essay on the dead umbrellas scattered all over the sidewalks and street corners, though.
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Conclusions from the weekend:

  • LARPing in a knee brace (or "robo-knee" as [ profile] torilgrey called it) is rough. I couldn't get involved in a lot of things because I couldn't get into combat, walk out in the woods on rough terrain much, and so on. I apologize to anyone I griped at about it, but it was frustrating (and occasionally painful if I stumbled, or when I'd been on my feet too long.) I had planned to give MJ a second try this coming weekend, but I just don't think it's a good idea. Going to ToV in a few weeks and being able to participate more fully is more important to me, and I need to give this thing time to heal. People were really nice about walking me places, finding me chairs, and so on, though.
  • Politics plot is okay in small doses.
  • I shouldn't stay up late on the Sunday nights after LARPing. Sleepy today.
  • Once in a while, Massachusetts gets Midwestern-style thunderstorms that come up out of nowhere, suddenly develop pouring rain and hail, and are replaced by bright sunshine within ten minutes. Cool, but weird.

Now, back to work. Much to do on a fairly tight deadline.
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So I get up this morning and venture out into the kitchen, and what do I see through the window?


It won't last, probably won't accumulate much at all, but it is very definitely snow. Yeesh.

On another end-of-fall note: what should I be for Halloween?


Oct. 2nd, 2002 01:02 pm
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Who ordered the July weather in October? It is far too hot and humid out there.

It's October, dang it. It's supposed to be fall in New England. I want my crisp air and clear skies!
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Memo to self: Don't iron clothes when it's hot and humid out. Blecch!

I'm ironing because I'm providing my own costume for the play I'm in this weekend. Come check us out!

Non Sequitur: one-act plays, presented by the MIT Community Players. Shows are this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m., with a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 general admission, $6 for MIT/Wellesley students, and $8 for MIT community members, other students, and seniors.


Mar. 22nd, 2002 09:13 am
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Yowza, but it's cold out there. I walked to work this morning (good me, better than being lazy and taking a 5-minute bus ride), and that wind is something freezing. And this is spring, right? At least it's sunny. I'd rather have sunny and cold any day over the snow/rain/glop we had earlier in the week.

Memo to self: Do not do puzzles in pen while in bed if there is any danger that you will fall asleep before remembering to put the cap on the pen. Now I need to wash my sheets, and I had to wash inkspots off myself this morning! Ooops.

And now I suppose I should do some actual work, though I confess I'm quite uninspired by it. I'd rather write Compass mail and look for a new desk and stuff like that. (Anyone have recommendations for desks? I currently have something that's basically just big enough for the computer and associated stuff, and doesn't leave me any writing/work space.)


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