Oct. 22nd, 2002 08:02 pm
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In my real life, I have trouble standing up for myself, and trouble being courageous, generally.

Why is it that it's so much easier in character at a LARP? I mouthed off to someone powerful, chewed out someone for his behavior, and went into battle, all during the game. Where's that courage in real life?
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They say it never rains on Harvard commencement.

They're wrong.

It's been raining pretty much all day; I imagine there are some pretty soggy mortarboards out there.

Ten years ago, it was me in the mortarboard, though it was hot and sunny, not raining, that day. (June 4, 1992.) Hard to believe it's been ten years since I graduated from college. And what have I done in that time? Well, let's see.

See. )
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*sniffle* I think I've developed an allergy to cats, of all things. Or at least I seem to have a mild reaction to something here where I'm housesitting, and the cats certainly seem to be the most likely suspect. Which is too bad, because I like cats. Emily (a somewhat skittish calico, who's also my local alarm clock) decided my lap was an ok place to be for a while earlier, which was very cozy but left me sniffly. Robert is a black "tuxedo cat" (he has a little white patch on his chest) who has been very distrustful of me ever since a previous housesitting visit during which I had to chase him all over the house to free him from a plastic shopping bag in which he'd entangled himself. However, he too seems to have decided that I'm more or less okay now. Daisy is the third cat; she's a big old lump of tabby cat love. She's just a sweetie.

Enough about cats, on to the rest. )


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