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We just had a picnic wedding shower for one of my coworkers. And for the first time in almost two months, I could sit cross-legged on the ground.
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First and foremost, godspeed and safe journeys to [ profile] lemurtanis and [ profile] yandros. I hope San Diego is all you're hoping it will be. It better be, to make up for how much we're going to miss you. Farewell dinner last night was an emotional time. (Especially since it managed to be farewell and Legends decompress all in one, and there was a lot of decompress needing to happen after what happened Sunday. My apologies to [ profile] wesleyjenn and [ profile] fuldu for spending all my time at the Legends-geek end of the table instead of the puzzle-geek end of the table!)

Second, and more happily, I'm out of the knee brace! Saw the orthopedist this morning, and he basically poked and prodded a little and said "You don't need that anymore." I'll be getting physical therapy to strengthen the knee and the muscles; anyone have a physical therapist to recommend? It's such a relief to be out of the brace before it gets any hotter.

I think that's it for the moment. Suppose I should do some work now.
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Conclusions from the weekend:

  • LARPing in a knee brace (or "robo-knee" as [ profile] torilgrey called it) is rough. I couldn't get involved in a lot of things because I couldn't get into combat, walk out in the woods on rough terrain much, and so on. I apologize to anyone I griped at about it, but it was frustrating (and occasionally painful if I stumbled, or when I'd been on my feet too long.) I had planned to give MJ a second try this coming weekend, but I just don't think it's a good idea. Going to ToV in a few weeks and being able to participate more fully is more important to me, and I need to give this thing time to heal. People were really nice about walking me places, finding me chairs, and so on, though.
  • Politics plot is okay in small doses.
  • I shouldn't stay up late on the Sunday nights after LARPing. Sleepy today.
  • Once in a while, Massachusetts gets Midwestern-style thunderstorms that come up out of nowhere, suddenly develop pouring rain and hail, and are replaced by bright sunshine within ten minutes. Cool, but weird.

Now, back to work. Much to do on a fairly tight deadline.


May. 19th, 2006 09:53 am
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My knee is cranky today. (Wonder if the weather affects it?) I fear this does not bode well for the weekend.
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Just because the new brace means you can walk around more doesn't mean you should.
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The good: I don't need surgery, and I'm out of the immobilizer, and I can put as much weight on my leg as I want. (Strained PCL and partial tear to the MCL; both will heal on their own.)
The not-so-good: I'm in a (hinged) knee brace for probably six weeks. It's a vast improvement on the immobilizer, but it's going to get annoying in a hurry, I expect. I think I will be able to go to the rest of the spring LARP season, though I may have to be out of combat -- we'll see how things go.

But, at least I can walk with something closer to a normal gait now. Stairs are still interesting, but more doable than with the immobilizer.


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