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Been a while since I updated. Some random things that have happened, tidbits I learned, and general braindump:

  • Damn, but that was a long, tough Mystery Hunt. There were some brilliant puzzles and we had a lot of fun... but 67 hours? Sheesh.
  • Damn, but ACRONYM rocks. We came within a couple hours and a few puzzles of winning, despite having not worked together as a whole group before. Nice job, guys.
  • Quote of the Hunt, for me at least:
    Me: "Oh my god, it's a phonetic cryptogram."
    M/W: [makes flabbergasted face]
    [ profile] tahnan asks what the face means, is it fear, or what?
    M/W: "That's my brain leaving out the back door while my face distracts you."
  • Commuting by car is going to get old in a hurry. About an hour and a quarter each way. Manchester's a nice city, though, maybe I'll get to know it some.
  • Things I learned: Don't leave liquid laundry detergent in the car in the winter. I swear there were bits of ice in it.
  • I don't know that I've ever before today woken up to the radio telling me it was 3 degrees in Boston.
  • I had my first-ever personal training session at the gym tonight. The trainer taught me a bunch of free-weight exercises and how to use some equipment I hadn't used before. And I have one more session to go. (Christmas gift from mom.)
  • I'm sorry I missed Sweeney, it looks like it was cool.
  • lj's servers are being annoying tonight.
  • I need to start doing lots of crosswords to get ready for Stamford. My brochure came yesterday; quite glossy this year!
  • I hope my first issue of The Enigma comes out okay. *twitch*
  • I still haven't seen Two Towers. Or Chicago. I need to go to the movies!

And, to round things out, a quiz... )

And one for you all, swiped from [ profile] thedan:
1. What do you call me?
2. What song makes you think of me, and why?
3. If you could give me one present, what would it be?
4. What one thing/event do you associate with me?
5. How well do you think you know me?
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At this point, I'm used to people in my life turning out to be connected in unexpected ways. (Usually it's [ profile] tahnan's fault.) But this one was really weird.

I'm playing piano once a week for rehearsals of Pirates of Penzance with the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players. (Going to be a good show, too, from the looks of it!) So at tonight's rehearsal, the fellow playing the Pirate King came up to me and said he had a story to tell me. It seems he went over the weekend to visit some family, and his cousin was visiting too, with wife and child.

Said cousin and wife turn out to be two of my best friends from college. I was maid of honor for their wedding.

This one is enough to make even me boggle.


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